Work Readiness

Our Work Readiness Programme is a fully fledged Skills Programme in its own right.

Learning Material sourced from various Accredited Unit standards and customized to suit the needs of anyone from any Walk of Life, going into:

  • Work for the First Time.
  • Wanting to increase their Soft Skills at Work to become a better employee.
  • Going into the Job Market for the 2nd, 3rd,4th on any other time in their lives but needing to adda value and become more innovative.

This takes away a Heavy Load on employers no longer wasting time with assisting a new employee to settle in a New Work Environment. Creating a New Employee that is (All Systems Go) for the Employer from Day 1.

  • Work Readiness is available online through our online learning platform:
  • Logbooks feed-back via the online platform
  • Paperless system that captures the learners progress up until completion of the Course.